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Just as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) have enhanced services on the web, Botisimo's Chat-Bot-as-a-Service (CBaaS) platform is enhancing chat rooms on the web. Get started with no downloads, no installs, and no nonsense because all features and data are hosted in the cloud.

next level Features

built for gamers
by gamers

Prizes, Raffles, & Giveaways

Incentivize your community by gamifying your stream with Botisimo's cutting edge C2W (Chance To Win) platform.

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Filter The Rubbish

Configure advanced spam filters to keep the clutter and immaturity out of your chat.

Spam Filter Interface Example

Custom Commands

Manage and customize your commands all in one convenient interface, catered to your account.

Custom Command Interface Example

Advanced Analytics

Check in with the analytics dashboard to stay up to date on your user activity, loyalty, and trends.

Dashboard Metrics Interface Example

Live Polling + Voting

Engage your fanbase through meaningful interactions. Ask opinions, create surveys, stimulate stream convos.

Polls Interface Example

Timers + Intervals

Set timers to notify users in your chat of social network links, stream times, or anything you want, even when you're not around.

Timers Interface Examples

Advanced Chat Logs

Search chat logs to catch up on something you missed or investigate something in your community.

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Oh Yea, There's more. Way More.

No seriously. We barely believe it ourselves. See all Botisimo has to offer.

Something for everyone

Membership Levels

From the casual solo gamer to competitive eSports streamers, Botisimo has you covered.



For professional and casual gamers alike who are ready to take their stream to the next level. Enhance your chat and grow your audience!

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Built for pro streamers destined to dominate and wield the power of all Botisimo features. Enhance your chat and promote your brand!

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starting at $250/MO


Built for eSports teams and streaming communities. Enhance your chats and unify your team under a single shared bot!


Supporting INDUSTRY LEADING Stream & Chat Platforms

conversations that matter

Botisimo gives you more control and influence over your chat. Engage more effectively and promote healthy, captivating, discussions with your viewers.

built for hardcore competitors

Esports teams love us

Botisimo's powerful chatbot features are crafted with teams and gaming communities in mind. Leverage our chatbot platform to engage your fans, promote your team and slay your stream.

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