When Envy Gaming informed us about their $30k Jack Link’s Warzone Invitational, we knew the event would be perfectly suited for our team management and campaign solutions.

We not only automated timed sponsorship engagement for Envy’s entire content creator team, but we also massively improved the organization's ability to track and measure marketing efforts on the network of creators participating in the event.

What would traditionally take a significant amount of time & effort was now seamlessly coordinated with a single tool.

multi-purpose campaign

Call of duty + call to action

Our chatbot allows for endless customization when it comes to timed messages, custom commands, & creative interactions with your viewers. Even so, your chatbot is a means to an link-clicking end.

All landing page & promotional link clicks will provide your team with actionable insights in a live-view and event summary format. This is done and compiled across all associated streams and platforms. Tracking your event’s success has never been so easy.

multi-platform methods

fortified by a fully integrated membership Landing page

Exhilarating brands need exciting and engaging landing pages, period. Far too many companies use giveaway applications that lead excited viewers to a wall of checkboxes; not the best experience for your viewer. 

Build landing pages with our templates or work directly with our designers to make something great. Your landing page is your money-maker, it’s critical to get it right. 

"Botisimo is a powerful tool in helping us better understand our audiences. With their capabilities, we can re-engage and have conversations with fans where they already are. Furthermore, we can connect new data points cross-platform, allowing us to stay in touch in a meaningful way."

Dillon mitchell
digital, audience, growth, & E-Commerce

"Botisimo has proven to be an incredibly valuable, all in one suite of tools that small streamers, or large organizations like Envy Gaming, can use at scale. Detailed audience insights give us a valuable look into who our fans on twitch are, and helps us create a meaningful and continuous conversation with them. We're excited to keep creating awesome experiences between Botisimo, Envy, and our creators!"

Paul ogdee

Supporting INDUSTRY LEADING Stream & Chat Platforms