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Crafted for creators, organizations, teams, and everyone in between

Powerful multi-platform stream and chat features available to all membership levels.


Campaign Scheduling

Timing is everything. Schedule self-cleaning, hassle-free campaigns ahead of time for high-impact marketing results at scale.

Chat Commands

Manage and customize your commands all in one convenient interface, catered to your account.

Timed Messages

Set timers to notify users in your chat of social network links, stream times, or anything you want, even when you're not around.


The data you and your sponsors need, automatically shared and always conveniently available.


Organically funnel and monetize viewership and cultivate communities across multiple platforms.


Know your fanbase like never before. Create meaningful connections based on factual data and supporter stats.

Live Polling

Gather realtime feedback and gamify all your channels with live team polls and contests.


Extend your reach with team giveaways that engage and excite your viewers across the board.

Music Player

Play tunes, enable song requests, and allow viewers to share vibes the next time you plug in for the grind.

Team Console

One easy to use interface to invite, edit, and control team member accounts down to every detail. God Mode activated!

Platform Connections

We've got you covered no matter how diverse your livestream stack is. Quickly and easily maintain all of your connected platforms from a single hub.

Branded Bot

Brand your team or solo bot with a custom name. All team activity will flow through your bot keeping your brand on the front lines.
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"Botisimo is a powerful tool in helping us better understand our audiences. With their capabilities, we can re-engage and have conversations with fans where they already are. Furthermore, we can connect new data points cross-platform, allowing us to stay in touch in a meaningful way."

Dillon mitchell
digital, audience, growth, & E-Commerce

“Over the last couple of years, Botisimo has brought tremendous value to our livestreams. It’s an all-in-one solution for multi-purpose moderation and necessary streamer tools. Moreover, the product is bolstered by a friendly and talented team always looking to bring further purpose and innovation to the live industry.”

Dan Scarcelli
Head of Live Programming

"Botisimo has proven to be an incredibly valuable, all in one suite of tools that small streamers, or large organizations like Envy Gaming, can use at scale. Detailed audience insights give us a valuable look into who our fans on twitch are, and helps us create a meaningful and continuous conversation with them. We're excited to keep creating awesome experiences between Botisimo, Envy, and our creators!"

Paul ogdee

"Malicious Intentions Gaming org heavily relies on Botisimo. We use it for its amazing "Going Live" notifications for the multiple platforms our streamers use, along with its amazing bot services.

We hold semi-annual charity streams and Botisimo makes it a breeze! We can push messages to all of our streamers at the same time, along with timed messages and links to the orgs that we're supporting. There are so many features available, and help is just a message away. I can't say enough great things about Botisimo!."

Sr. Partnership Manager
Malicious Intentions Gaming

"As someone who is big on personalization and making sure everything I use or put out into the world is very ‘me’, Botisimo has been the perfect solution for managing my audience and community 24/7 without relying on software to install, or using tools that that rely on the branding of others or that have no support systems in place."

Chris “RockNRollGeek” Darbro  
4 Years | Twitch, Discord

"The Botisimo team has been awesome to partner with! There are a lot of chat bots out there, but the personalized service and continued support we’ve received from the Botisimo team has been awesome and keeps us coming back. Any time we have an issue they’re very responsive in helping us sort it out, and they’re always open to feedback and willing to implement new features to make Botisimo work even more efficiently for us.

It also provides us with an easy dashboard for managing multiple chat bots across multiple streaming platforms/channels! Botisimo is able to scale up with us as we scale our operations and increase our streaming presence across multiple game communities."

Hi-Rez Studios
3 Years | Twitch, YouTube

"Our 24/7 Kitten Cam live streams to multiple platforms. Botisimo was a perfect fit, being a cloud based chat bot that could operate simultaneous in multiple platforms to help with moderations, custom commands and timers. We use the chat log regularly to add exact quotes from our community chats in to the youtube archives and can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future!"


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From the casual solo gamer to competitive eSports organizations, Botisimo has you covered.

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For the creator that’s ready to take their stream to the next level. Our campaigns and custom landing pages will skyrocket your branding and partnership capabilities.

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Built for brands, businesses, high school and collegiate orgs, game studios, and stream teams. Enhance chats, connect with your audience and grow your fanbase like never before.

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Unlock the full power of our tools and the expertise of the Botisimo team. Tailored fit solutions, no limits, and a trained focus on ensuring that your event(s) are as successful & professional as possible. Contact us to learn more.

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Botisimo's powerful features are crafted with squads and stream communities in mind. Engage your fanbase, promote your team, and automate tools across multiple stream platforms.

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X-Platform Control & Capabilities

All of our powerful and intuitive features, serving all of your favorite stream platforms, in one convenient place.

Support Response Time Guaranteed

Get an initial response within 1 business hour or you don’t pay that month’s fee. It's our promise to you.

botisimo academy access

Need guidance on feature setup? No sweat. There's a step-by-step walkthrough for the wisdom you seek.

Video on-demand help available

With VOD support, we're live and ready whenever, wherever you need us. Our support squad is always happy to help.

knowledge dropped for all

You'll find a trove of useful content in our knowledge base, rooted in a community of helpful industry experts and contributors.

live stream q&A, TIPS, And tricks

Stop by for LIVE Q&A, hangout for feel-good vibes, or simply to say, "Hello". We welcome all and look forward to seeing you in the stream!

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Botisimo gives you more control and influence over your chat. Engage more effectively and promote healthy, captivating, discussions with your viewers.